Monday, April 7, 2008

Learning to play Baccarat

I always want to play Baccarat in a casino, but every time I go, I always forget how to play. I think that I'm going to play online for a week or two and try to get it down, so that I will be able to play in a live casino the next time I go.

This game looks really fun to play both live and online. I think online would be a safer community to learn in. I can take my time and not have to rush a decision. After all this game is very easy, and if I practise it enough, it shouldn't take long to learn the ins and outs of Baccarat.

And that is what I'm planning on doing right now. I'm going to open up the rules site probably at BoDog, and just play until I get it... I can play for free, but I might play for some really small dollar amount so that I get the actual experience of gambling.

Anyway, I'm going now. Wish me luck! And good luck to all of you too :O)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

Every January or February there is a surge in action on the baccarat tables and the Las Vegas Strip turns a festive red, decorated with dragons and Chinese characters.

Looking for a lucky start to the year, Chinese make the trip to the desert for Chinese New Year to put their fate to the test.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Record October gaming win despite high baccarat losses

Nevada casinos set an October record with $1.062 billion in total winnings.

But the Carson Valley area, which includes valley portions of Douglas County as well as the capital city, didn't share in the wealth, winning just $10.3 million, 9.4 percent less than they did in October 2005.

The apparent reason for the poor showing in markets such as Carson City, which depend heavily on weekend visitors, was October had one less Saturday this year than last.

October was the second negative month for the Carson Valley reporting area this fiscal year. July winnings were down nearly 8 percent compared to the previous year and September was up but by less than 1 percent. Only August turned in a solid increase this fiscal year with winnings up nearly 7 percent.

Statewide, the win was just one-third of a percent more than last October. But Gaming Control Board analyst Frank Streshley said it was a strong month given the poor showing by baccarat. Winnings from that game fell 54 percent to $29.2 million and by near 63 percent in mini-baccarat.

He primarily blamed the win percentage, which was less than half the 11.5 percent gaming experts consider normal for Baccarat.

Because most baccarat games are located on the Strip, win totals there were off 5.6 percent.

If baccarat is factored out of the equation, the statewide win total would have been up 3.9 percent.

Also down for the month was the take from sports betting. The drop was blamed on football, where winnings were off by one-third. Again, Streshley said, one less Saturday in the reporting period was the main issue since most games and betting occur on the weekend.

Casinos at Stateline reported a 2.5 percent increase in gaming win, a total of $29.2 million. The big difference was game and table play, where winnings increased 7.6 percent.

Every reporting area in Washoe County was down in October. Overall, the county reported a 3 percent decrease in winnings to $93 million. Washoe hasn't had a winning month this fiscal year. It was down a half percent in September, seven-tenths of a percent in August and a decrease of 1.4 percent in July.

North Shore casinos were off 5.3 percent to just under $3.3 million.

But there were a number of bright spots, particularly in the parts of Clark County other than the Strip and downtown. The rapidly growing North Las Vegas, Boulder Strip, Mesquite and the "Balance of County" areas were all up by double-digit percentages, while Laughlin fell just short of that mark with a 9.65 percent gain.

And in the east, Elko County casinos reported an overall gain of 4.4 percent.

Based on October's win numbers, the state collected $70.8 million in gaming taxes, a one-quarter percent decrease from the prior year. When combined with the extremely weak collections from September - down 13.65 percent - gaming-tax collections thus far this fiscal year are running a total of $20.9 million less than projected by the Economic Forum.

Experts weren't too worried, however, because the forum projection is annual rather than monthly and, while revenues run behind in the fall, they tend to catch up in the spring and summer months.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baccarat Strategies for Online Casino Gamblers

Even though the game of Baccarat has existed long before the rise of online casinos and the online gambling industry, there is no doubt that the popularity it enjoys has significantly rose during the last years, in part thanks to the online casino. One of the best things of Baccarat is the fact that it is one of the easiest games to play at the online casino, and possesses one of the lowest house edges. The strategies in this game differ from other games, as there are only three kinds of bets available: Banker bet, Player bet and Tie bet.

For those online casino gamblers who like playing it safe, Baccarat has a bet for them. To go about playing safe, the Banker bet is probably the way to go. With the Banker bet, the house edge factor is almost insignificant, as low as one percent or about. The only disadvantage in this kind of bet is the fact that if you win you will have to renounce up to 5% of your winnings. The reason is stated at the online casino sites clearly, but should be taken into consideration. The reason is that the online casino sites cover the low house edge by assuring a slight fraction of gamblers' winning.

Another betting option available for the online casino player is the Player bet. One of three betting options, with this one any winning, the entire sum, is yours to keep. There is no commission by the online casino in case of winning. The house edge in this case – if you remember asking, as an experienced online casino gambler would – is about 1.25%, slightly higher than the Banker bet.

This leaves us with a third betting option, although it is the least favorite of many if not most online casino gamblers. Sometimes, however, it can turn out to be the most feasible bet. This is, naturally, the Tie bet. In this case, the house edge is significantly higher, standing on 5 percent. But – and this is a tempting "but" – the online casino will pay gamblers as much as nine dollars for every single dollar they put down in the case that the player's and banker's hands both finish with an identical amount of points. It is risky, sure, but if you're looking for a nice thrill it might be the thing for you.